Code of Conduct

It is mandatory that all town and parish councils adopt a councillors code of conduct and keep a register of members’ interests. Both should be freely available on the council’s website.

  • It is the monitoring officer who would investigate potential breaches of the code, not the parish council.


All councils are encouraged to adopt the Local Government Association Somerset Code of Conduct that has been adapted for use by Somerset councils, along with guidance on Openness and Transparency on Personal Interests.

A significant benefit of the LGA Somerset model code is that it addresses specific areas of concern not covered by former codes, including:
1. working with social media
2. issues of harassment
3. difficulties with poor behaviour by the public.

The parish or town council’s standing orders will detail the process for granting a dispensation. When granted, a dispensation will permit a councillor to take part in an agenda item in which they have declared an interest under the code.

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