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Legal Topic Notes, briefings, model documents, and templates for download and adaption

Unless otherwise stated, the copyright of legal topic notes is owned by NALC. Users may download and copy materials owned solely by NALC and available from this website for the business of a county association or member council without the prior permission of NALC. Copies of such materials must retain NALC’s copyright statement. Use of materials for commercial gain is not permitted.

Council Business, Law & Procedure

LTN 1 – Powers to Discharge their Functions (revised April 2018)

LTN 2 – The Chairman of Local Councils (revised April 2018)

LTN 3 – The Powers of a Parish Meeting in a Parish Without a Separate Parish Council (Sept 2014)

LTN 4 – The Powers of Community Meetings in Communities without Councils (revised March 2017)

LTN 5 – Parish and Community Council Meetings (revised November 2021)

LTN 6 – Meetings of Parish Meetings (Sept 2014)

LTN 7 – Non-Councillor Members of Committees (October 2013)

LTN 8 – Elections and Co-option (May 2022)

LTN 9E – Handling Complaints [England] (revised December 2018)

Complaints Procedure template

LTN 10 – Royal Visits (revised March 2013)

LTN 11 – Celebrations and Similar Events (revised March 2017)

Guidance for organisers of events & festivals (Avon & Som Police)

LTN 12 – Honorary Titles and Officers of Dignity (revised March 2013)

LTN 14E – Byelaws [England] (revised August 2016)

LTN 21 – Local Council Help to Village Halls (May 2019)

LTN 31E – Local Council General Powers (December 2023)

LTN 40 – Local Councils’ Documents and Records (revised Nov 2016)

Deposit of documents with Somerset archive

LTN 73 – Community Governance Reviews (July 2015)

LTN 74 – Names and Styles of Parish Councils (July 2008)

LTN 81 – Pre-Determination (August 2014)

LTN 89 –Sustainable energy and electric vehicle charging (March 2022)

L14-08 | Use of Red Diesel by Local Councils (August 2008)

L01-21 | Code of Recommended Practice on Local Authority Publicity [England] (January 2023)

L03-15 | Local Government (Religious etc Observances) Act 2015 (May 2015)

Declaration of Acceptance of Office

Model Publication Scheme

Model publication scheme template guide to information

How to Complete the Model Publication Scheme

ico fee guide FOI

Councillor Dispensation Request Form

Model Standing Orders 2018 for England (version two — April 2022)

Policy Recording of Council Meetings

Casual Vacancy guidance 

Non-exhaustive list of statutory powers and duties

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