Town & Parish Councils & D-Day 80 – 6th June 2024 (guide updated 27/07 v.105)


Town & parish councils are encouraged to join with their local communities to take part in the D-Day 80 event by lighting a Beacon at 9:15pm on 6th June 2024. The beacon represents the ‘light of peace’ that emerged from the darkness of war.

Councils can download the official Guide To Taking Part in the D-Day 80 event from this website. The message from the Prime Minister on page 3 encourages everyone to support the commemoration and you are urged to please note the International Tribute on page 20, which should be read aloud as the beacon is being lit that evening.

The Guide, along with the official logo for the event, and the Certificate of Grateful Recognition, can be downloaded from the D-Day website, here.

If your council resolves to participate in the D-Day 80 event, please see page 33 of the guide, which explains how to take part and register your involvement – registration is requested no later than by 30th May 2024.

Please remember to ensure your council follows the necessary health & safety processes required of an event organiser, and takes advice from its insurers.

Somerset Council and Avon & Somerset Police have written a Remembrance Day Road Closure Guide, which is useful for councils arranging civic or commemorative events.The guide can also be downloaded from the members’ LTNs & Guidance page of the SALC website.

Somerset Council’s Safety Advisory Group (SAG) offers a helpful resource for event organisers planning events that are open to the public and are staged in a public place, on a highway, or on private, or council owned land in Somerset. SAG reminds us that an event organiser will have prime responsibility for protecting the health, safety and welfare of everyone working at or attending an event. 

If you are planning to hold an event and you would like advice, call 0300123 2224 or 


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