Can we help your council to take on devolved assets or services?

We recently wrote to all member councils to ask for your opinion about SALC’s services. You can read the letter, here. Thank you to those councils who have responded. If your council is yet to respond, we will be grateful to hear from you.

In light of Somerset Council’s financial emergency, we are particularly keen to know if we can offer member councils any support in relation to Somerset Council’s plan for asset & service devolution. We respect that not all councils will take on additional functions under devolution, and we want to offer assistance to those who will. 

If your council is likely to take on devolved assets or services, please will you tell us: 

  1. What plans does your council have to take on assets devolved from Somerset Council?
  2. What plans does your council have to take on services devolved from Somerset Council?
  3. Is your council interested in partnering with neighbouring councils to devolve services across your local area?
  4. Would your council be keen to use a SALC appointed legal team to manage asset and service transfers?
  5. Would your council value professional advice on TUPE and risk relating to asset and service transfers? 
  6. What additional services should SALC consider developing to support your council? 


We would greatly appreciate your responses by Thursday 25th January.

As soon as we receive responses, we will be pleased to adapt our services to suit your needs. 

Thank you.

  • Please see Somerset Council’s budget papers for the 15 January meeting of the Executive Committee and list of efficiency options, as aid out in the 5th January letter from Cllr Bill Revans. The letter emphasises that decision will not be made until budget-setting at full council on 20 February.

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